Video Production Services

Creating moving images.

We have over 17 years experience in making moving images. Today’s applications of film and video are boundless and so are the services we offer.

Whether you are looking for a professional recording of an important event to share with your community, or perhaps some dynamic aerial shots for a feature film or a promotional video to sell a new product on your social media channels – we have the answer.

We produce film & video destined for all kinds of exhibition including:





Professional Film & Video Production Services

We use the latest technology and creative minds to capture your project and make it happen.

Our Work.

A look at some work that we have proudly delivered…

Create a promotional film for new business venture promoting healthy lifestyle holiday retreats. Using testimonials and footage of sporting activities to sell the concept and get across the positive well being ethos.

A marketing strategy to cover social media and website promoting the equine bio genie bio fluid and it’s many applications. Demonstration of the product being used in various scenarios and explaining the uniqueness and power of the product.

A hero promo to represent the brand and improve the website’s homepage status and SEO with video content that it previously didn’t have any of. Using details of the fashion products and other shots of the product being used in their equestrian environment.

Develop a polished property film for the fresh escapes brand based on a single property in Devon with a view to expanding it across a full portfolio of properties. An engaging and aspirational tour of the property showing off the aspects that holiday makers would enjoy and can expect to see during their stay.

How we work.



Listening to your goals is the most important part of the process so that we can understand where you are coming from and where you want to go with your production. Everyone has a different starting point and different things they want to achieve and we want to know what that is so we can start thinking about how to get you there.



Getting the cogs turning and thinking about how to achieve your goal with moving images is our next step in the process. Sometimes the idea is fairly self evident and other times it requires more brainstorming until we have the idea of how your production is going to stand out and reach out to your audience.



Planning is key! Scripting, organising the equipment that will suit your shoot and breaking down the timings of the shoot day(s) to maximise the time we have is all essential to ensure everything runs super smooth running on the day.



With everything in place we film the production using the crew necessary and in the most efficient way possible. Always professional we are courteous and aware of our surroundings at all times and adhere to strict health and safety at all times.



Editing the footage is the shaping of your content into perhaps one or several pieces. The image is manipulated with colour and contrast as you require and soundtrack added along with sound effects and any visual effects needed. You are welcome to take part in the editing process and join us remotely even to see the progress of your project and make suggestions as it develops.



The final stage is delivering the content in the most effective way for your project and campaign. This can take various forms and can invlove more editing and design with, for example DVD and BluRay mastering and duplication. Making sure your content gets in front of the right audience is all part of the question we asked at the start and this is where we want to end up making the differnce.


Social Media.

Think about the power of your videos on social media and how they can impact an even bigger audience. Let us help you make use of Instagram Grid, Stories, Reels, Facebook video platform, YouTube and more to realise your full potential.

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